New RV Mug! Great Gift Idea!!

Check out this great mug from Tee Baron! MADE IN THE USA!


I Don’t Camp, I RV!


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Check out this Stealth Camper and recumbent trikes!

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You should join Passport America!

We just returned from a trip. One thing we learned was that Passport America was a great deal… Our savings on this one trip paid for our membership 3 times over! Passport America has nearly 1900 campgrounds where you save 50% off your nights stay… that’s right…. 50% OFF!! Please click through our affiliate link and join!

Passport Am1

Passport America

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Beautiful Setting!

Our stop at Grand Lake Resort, Citra Florida…

Grand Lake Resort

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Our new RV Triking TEE!

Show how you roll with our new RV Triking Tee shirt! Available in 5 colors!

TEE RVtriking


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Added a TV to our trailer…

Our RV didn’t have a TV, so I installed one. Here are the videos showing how I did it!

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This is how we roll!!


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New Campground Map…

We have added a new interactive campground map to our site! Just go to our Campgrounds page and click the preferred state. Let us know what you think in the comments…


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Interesting Study…

KOA sponsored a general public survey that was carried out by Carin Consulting Group. The report had many interesting findings. Of special note to followers of this website was a question concerning recreation. Out of 18 categories listed, BIKING came in number 7 (tied with BIRD WATCHING) with 24% of the respondents voting for it.

You can see the report here North American Camping Report

NA Camping Report

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Campground submissions…

We have been deluged with your submissions! It’s great! We always check out each submission before we include it on RV Triking… We want RV Triking to be a reliable source for a particular type of visitor. This person is looking for a campground that has DIRECT access to a bike path. We are fortunate to have many, many bike trails all over this great country. However, many do not cross paths with campgrounds. Our visitors will ride up to 300 yards to access a trail, but definitely are not interested in crossing busy roads. SAFE is the norm for our listings. We post listings of the campground, the city where the campground is located, how far to the bike trail (across the road, within 300 yards, etc) if the bike trail is paved/unpaved/partially paved, and if there is a personal review available for the campground/bike trail.

We welcome submissions that meet the easy access criteria from the campground, and encourage any who have personal knowledge of the campground/bike trail to submit a review of the accommodations and amenities.

If you don’t see your submissions posted, please be patient as we have a great many to investigate… Thanks to all of our RV Triking Friends!


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